My Masterminds

There’s nothing more powerful than the collective genius of an empowered, inspired group of people. These are the groups where real magic happens and momentum is born.

Each year I host a mastermind group, a way to find like-minded, highly focused professionals looking to grow their businesses through collaboration, accountability, and consistent motivation. 

New group will open in January 2020.



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Mentoring a Mastermind

Need support creating value and engagement within your own mastermind group? 

Together we touch base monthly and create strategy, track progress and develop KPIs to gauge traction and value of your group and its dynamic. 


  • Driving Change and Impact

  • Understand your target

  • Identifying your challenges

  • Create ways to track progression

  • Expectations Management of your group

  • Supporting the Host & Moderators

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Mastermind Workshops

This is a unique opportunity for mastermind hosts to come together to plan and set goals for growth of their own groups and mastermind programs. See and hear about the successes and challenges of others and a community to leverage for guidance, best practices, and growth opportunities.

Groups can contain a mix of professionals and Entrepreneurs or a Niche Market and/or Industry looking for collaboration.


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