Align your career, life and business.

Uncover your purpose and brand, define your narrative, and curate your story!

Are you:

  • looking for a strategy coach to facilitate life and career impact and growth, whether it be to the top of your current organization, opening or launching your own business, or partnering on a venture to give you more flexibility while making more money?
  • craving the ability to be your own boss and just can’t connect the dots?
  • in search of a strategy to create and understand the best approach?
  • looking for an accountability partner that will help build the strategy, walk you through the execution, and be there to guide you during the transition?

The goal of my coaching programs is to help you understand yourself, your business, and your areas of growth in more depth and with full clarity.

Each program has a different weekly one-to-one coaching cadence. During coaching, you will have access to assessments and exercises tailored to your strategy for you or your business.


The Results of Coaching

  • Recognize Limiting Beliefs
  • Evaluate Your Needs
  • Uncover Triggers
  • Understand Yourself
  • Navigate Roadblocks
  • Reprogram Behaviors
  • Take Action
  • Evoke Lasting Change
  • Experience Fulfillment
Briar Dougherty

I’m in your corner.

I am a hybrid coach, focusing and applying the science behind growth and change, creating a permanent foundation for success.

Working with clients on the Big Picture, while diving deep to redefine and shift perspective and shape growth that’s aligned to your desired outcomes.

The goal of these programs is to help you:

  • Encourage Discovery
  • Understand yourself & shift perspective
  • Uncover Roadblocks
  • Grow your business from the inside-out
  • Instill Sustainable Growth Behaviors
  • Create Clarity for your Business & the Outcomes
  • Identify & Chart a Path for Success
  • Define a new or Optimized Business Model

My promise

I will be your partner in growing, developing, and discovering true fulfillment in your life and business.

Areas of focus.

Fuel your organic growth with new perspectives, methods and behaviors for personal and professional fulfillment.



Assess your business model, yourself, your goals and your behaviors in order to evaluate and adjust performance and outcomes.


Uncover and appreciate your current skills while developing your abilities and unique talents to expose and align with your true professional and business potential.


Embrace the evolution of your values and needs, assess their role in what you try to avoid and what drives you to create growth in your life, career or business.


Gain an accurate and deep intuitive and tangible understanding of your business, who it serves, and how to address those needs.


Develop a roadmap to chart the milestones and metrics needed to achieve your goals and enhance the sustainability and growth of your business.

Let’s get started.

We’ve all been there, asking important questions about our business, our life or our career, and not knowing where to turn for answers. Let’s get you answers to all of those questions!